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The Rebecca Project for Justice is a transformational organization that advocates protecting life, dignity and freedom for people in Africa and the United States.  We believe that vulnerable women, girls and their families possess the right to live free of environmental, medical, physical and sexual violence.

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Rebecca Project Executive Director Elaine Riddick
NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams and NBC Chief Medical Editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman, discuss Elaine Riddick’s life: “[United States] Government officials conspiring on a project so horrible it is hard to believe it happened in our country and not that long ago…cruelty in the name of science and the government in effect trying to play God. It is also about the strength and resilience of the human spirit and about a remarkable woman named Elaine Riddick, Dr. Nancy Snyderman takes us to North Carolina to investigate Eugenics.”
Rebecca Project Board Secretary Minister Dr W. Randy Short
Abby Martin talks to Randy Short, President of the Anti Depo-Provera Clergy Coalition, about the dangers associated with administering this form of birth control, and his view that the drug is being used as a form of modern-day eugenics against minority populations. 

Abortion Advocates Intimidate Witnesses and Cover Up Contraception Scandal
WASHINGTON, DC, December 6 (C-FAM) A human rights defender is accusing abortion activists of intimidating witnesses to cover up lethal side effects and unethical medical trials of a long-lasting contraceptive injected in women in Africa.
Just before a scheduled hearing this week in the U.S. Congress that could lead to policy change in U.S. international family planning programs, Rebecca Project executive director Imani Walker, succumbeing to pressure from Planned Parenthood, seized the computer from one of the key witnesses, Rebecca Project policy director Kwame Fosu, and sent emails to congressional staffers announcing he had been terminated, Fosu told the Friday Fax in an exclusive interview. 

Group Accuses Gates Foundation, USAID of Hiding Injectable Contraceptive Dangers
WASHINGTON — Hundreds of thousands of impoverished women and girls in both the U.S. and Africa are not being told about dangerous side effects associated with a contraceptive injection that is heavily promoted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), USAID, Planned Parenthood and a collection of “racist” family-planning groups, a human-rights report alleges.

Attempt to Conceal Leaked Documents on Gates/USAID Contraception Fails
 WASHINGTON DC, January 10(C-FAM) Lawyers for US agencies have failed in an initial attempt to force a watchdog group to remove leaked documents from the group’s website. The documents describe studies showing complications of a long-lasting contraception heavily backed by the agencies and the Gates Foundation for use by African women.

The US agencies are accused of attempting to conceal their knowledge of studies showing women using the injectable contraceptive Depo Provera are at higher risk of acquiring HIV.



3 AM Girls: Lisa Ling Goes Undercover
Imani Walker Photo Tina, a former teenage sex worker who escaped the world of pimps and their girls, and Lisa go undercover in Washington DC to witness the "rules of the streets" and see if they could identify any young, missing girls.

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Write and urge your Congressman/Congresswoman to End Federal Funding for Depo Provera: World’s Most Dangerous Contraceptive.
The Outsourcing of Tuskegee Part 2
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The Outsourcing of Tuskegee
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Download the report (PDF)