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U.S. Policy and Advocacy


Our policy and advocacy goals arise from an abiding belief that:

  • Communities should be the voice and catalysts for institutional and systematic policy change.
  • Leaders who advocate for change should come directly from families in our vulnerable communities.
  • It is far more costly and emotionally detrimental to separate parent and child as a matter of general policy. Instead, placements in comprehensive long-term treatment should be prioritized.
  • Well-trained parent-advocate leaders will create safe, strong, and stable communities for their families.
We conduct leadership trainings for women and girls, policy advocacy and media outreach to:
  • Expand comprehensive family treatment services.
  • Promote alternative sentencing for non-violent female offenders.
  • Improve conditions of confinement for incarcerated women and girls.
  • Reform child welfare policy, by expanding comprehensive family treatment.
  • Eliminate child sex trafficking for girls and training girls to be advocates for other victims.
Our policy and advocacy goals seek to:
  • End the shattering cycle of violence, trauma and addiction.
  • Develop policies and practices that honor, strengthen and render whole the sacred ties between parents and children.
  • Affirm the worth and dignity of every child and every family.


Our Goals

The Rebecca Project works diligently to reform intersecting health, child welfare and criminal justice policies impacting vulnerable families. Among our primary advocacy goals are expanding comprehensive family treatment services, improving conditions of confinement for incarcerated women and girls, promoting alternative sentencing for women and girls, challenging the unacceptable levels of gendered violence, and urging for policies of health and healing for families at the margins.

We measure the outcomes to our stated goals in the following ways:

  1. Change in policy: (a) appropriation gains to expand family-based treatment, (b) number of bills that include sentencing alternatives to maternal incarceration,  (c) improved conditions of maternal incarceration and parent-child relationship during a mother’s sentence, and (d)  elevated  visibility on  violence against vulnerable women and girls.
  2. Number of meetings and briefings organized to educate policymakers, staffers, public and private health funders.
  3. Number of parent-advocate leaders recruited to join Sacred Authority.
  4. Number of parents in recovery trained locally and nationally.